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“Why Are You Afraid?” June 13, 2021

June 13, 2021

Matthew 8: 23-27


Fear is defined as an unpleasant strong emotion caused by anticipation or an awareness of danger. It is excessive worry, intrusive thought that can interfere with one’s daily activity.

In our lesson, we discover that God has sovereign power over troubled waters as well as troubled lives. The gospel writer Matthew tells the story of a storm in the sea of Galilee.

1 THE PEACEFUL SAVIOR (Matthew 8:23-24)

The sea of Galilee is a small fresh water lake 600 feet below sea level. It is six miles wide and eight miles long with mountains on three sides. These mountains create a funnel where by winds blow from the mountains through the funnel producing sudden violet storms. Jesus and the disciples because of the crowd crossed over to the other side of the sea. Jesus, being human, being fatigued, fell asleep in the boat during the storm.


The disciples were seasoned fisherman, This was not their first storm to encounter nonetheless, it was one they could not handle. Waves were sweeping over the small fishing vessel, swamping these men. They panicked, they were terrified in a state of fear. These men became desperate, believing they would drown. It was at this time, they called on Jesus.


Life is full of stormy seas. Trouble will come at any time, trouble can cause panic, distress and fear. We never know when trouble will knock at the door. Fear and worry takes over our focus causing us to make mistakes. These men aboard the vessel in a storm were afraid, however, they called on the savior. Jesus called them “Ye of little faith” and rebuked the waves and winds of affliction.

We will often experience those things that will create fear and distraction. If that is the case, then we are “of little faith”. So the question remains, “Why Are You Afraid?” You can always call on Jesus, He will answer your call.

By Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge

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