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“ Living As God’s Just People” Sunday School Commentary

SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON September 17, 2023 “ Living As God’s Just People” Leviticus 19: 9-18, 33-37 Introduction In many walks of life, there are guidelines, instructions, directives, and accountability. Leviticus is a book with specific rules, guidelines, and expectations for Israel’s leadership. As leaders, we have the responsibility to set forth the blueprint for the betterment of humankind. Our lesson details moral, ethical, and practical codes that represent God and God’s people. 1 SOCIAL JUSTICE Treating Others Right (Leviticus 19: 9-16) It is here in the passage that the author speaks of the heart of social justice, and how it is that we treat others. The nature of God is love, therefore, Israel’s historical tradition reflects God’s love. They were to love their neighbors, an expression of social justice. They were to look out for the less fortunate, to share, to leave some for others to glean. They are not to deceive or fraud, to maintain honesty, not to take advantage of or handicap the weak, and to remain just in their dealings. They are not to dishonor the privileged, filing unjust lawsuits. They are not to gossip, backstab, or slander which dishonors God. 2 SOCIAL JUSTICE Starts In The Heart (vv.17-18) It is here that the lesson speaks of not hating or seeking revenge. These are evils that grow into vengeance that belong to God. We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves which is the second command. 3 SOCIAL JUSTICE Cares for strangers (vv. 33-34) We are to treat strangers as you would want to be treated, everyone is our neighbor. Israel is reminded of their exodus from Egypt, which represents deliverance from sin. 4 SOCIAL JUSTICE Being Fair in Business and Law (vv.35-37) It is here that the text speaks of fairness for all. It talks of an unjust scale of cultural filters. There are some things that are difficult to determine, certain weighty matters to determine values and deceptions. The text refers to inflating prices, cooking the books, and manipulating means and measures to deceive. Fudging numbers to defraud others for deceitful results. God’s people are called to a standard of holiness which is measured against the holiness of God. We are to demonstrate righteousness of faithfulness, living to honor God.

CONCLUSION Somebody once said, “It’s tight, but it’s right”. There are standards and principles that we as God’s children are to live by. We are to treat others with respect regardless of status and position. It’s tight, but it’s right.

“Living As God’s Just People” Rev. J. H. Eskridge

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