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“Obeying God’s Law,” September 10, 2023 Sunday School Commentary

Introduction Let me begin this lesson by saying that laws matter. I truly believe that some within governmental and political systems, deem laws are irrelevant, some are above the law, the law is not for some political people of position and power. They ignore the law, to them, laws don’t matter. I believe that our lesson illustrates the importance of law, particular, God’s law. 1 God makes His presence Known (Exodus 20:18) It is after three months of wilderness experience, the children now arrive at Mt. Sinai. They have experienced God’s protection and provision while they came through the desert. It is here at the mount they are given the law. It is a covenant requirement which is to love God and love people. They needed to know that it was God giving the law. The people responded in fear and reverence. God used smoke, thunder, the sound of heavenly trumpets and lighting. This was a manifestation of God’s presence, recognizing his authority. 2 The People show Reverent Fear (vv. 19-21) The people are now in the presence of God. Moses tells them not to fear for God will prove them, do not with draw yet, they are to keep the law and not sin. This manifestation would underscore the importance of the law, they were not to worship idols. 3 God Encourages Worship (vv. 22-26) It is here that God instructs the building of altars for worship. These altars are to be temporary for they were not yet in the land of promise. The focus was on the object of worship and not the place of worship, not to make images of stone, to be made in humility and modesty. The focus is not on the means, place or structure, but to focus on God. Conclusion Again I say, laws matter. There is a reason we have laws. Laws protect us, we need laws to protect us from ourselves. There are natural boundaries which we are to stay within for our own sakes. The children of Israel journeyed through the desert, they now are given the law, God’s law. God gives Moses the law and Moses gives the law to the people, yes laws do matter. “Obeying God’s Law” Sunday School Commentary Rev. J.H. Eskridge Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church


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