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“Meaningless Worship” Isaiah 29: 9-16a (June 18, 2023)

SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Introduction It’s always interesting, how it is when we are doing good, prosperous, living the life of Riley, we are likely to loose spiritual focus. Success will more times than not, be fools gold, deception. In our lesson, the prophet Isaiah gives warning to Judah not to loose their spiritual focus in worshiping the Lord. They must worship the Lord in truth and in spirit. 1 WARNING TO THE REBELLIOUS (Isaiah 29: 9-12) We find here a time of Judah’s rebellion. God had provided for the people to be taught and warned by Levites, Priest and Prophets. They were given a heads up of destruction that would be their fate should they continue their sinning their ways. They had become wealthy, times were good. They refused to heed warnings of an invading Assyrians. They would align themselves with Egypt instead of maintaining a relationship with God. 2 WARNING TO THE RELIGIOUS (vv. 13-14) Because of the peoples rebellion and rejection of God’s warning, their religious ceremonies are simply “going through the motion”. They were praying with their mouth, singing with their lips but their hearts were far from God. Their worship was robotic, no passion nor warmth in their worship. We produce that, that comes from the heart. It’s the heart that produces true worship. Without obedience to God, our worship is nothing more than a ritual.

3 WARNING TO RULERS (vv. 15-16a) Judah’s leaders, in an effort to prepare for possible invasion from Assyria, aligned themselves with Egypt rather than heeding God’s advice. They refused God ’protection, trusted in their own arrogance, rebelling against God. They would know more than God, doubted God’s ability, trusted in their own plans. Rebellion, empty religion and arrogance are threats to our spiritual health.

CONCLUSION I truly believe that we can never be smarter than those who teach us. The people of Judah, the southern half of Israel, had become wealthy, successful, feeling themselves, arrogant. They thought themselves greater than their creator, they were their own source of provision yet they would need protection. I truly believe that as we become prosperous, wealthy, successful, living the life, remember those who taught us, those who supported and provided for us. We should not think of ourselves as greater than our creator, he knows what is best for us. Judah’s worship had become worthless, they had rejected God’s warning, His teaching, to God, their worship had become meaningless.



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