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Place Your Church or Business Employment Opportunity

Looking for great talent?   Share your employment opportunity across the state of Kentucky.  Post notice of your vacancy on the website.


To better serve you and to provide a standard for submissions that allow to quickly post your announcement, the policy outlined below should be followed to guarantee acceptance of your submission.

To quickly and effectively post your employment opportunity, please follow the directions as outlined on the Submit Your Posting Section below. 


Your posting will remain active for 30 days from the date of posting.  Should you desire that your posting remain active beyond the 30 days, you will receive an invoice for the prorated balance according to this schedule of payments or you may select a longer-term during the checkout process.

  • 30 days - $50.00

  • 60 days - $75.00

  • 61 days - Until filled - $100.00

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Submit Job Posting

All submissions must:


  • Be sent on church, organization or business's official letterhead

  • Be typewritten using a common software program such as Microsoft Word, Publisher etc

  • Include the name of the Church,

    • The date on which applications may be received,

    • The date on which the application period ends,

    • Name and Contact Information for the contact person

    • Instructions regarding the type of information requested

    • Directions for how to submit the information

    • A brief statement about the employment opportunity and responsibilities

Submit Your Open Employment Materials Via Email By Clicking Here

Sample Statement:


“The Word Baptist Church of Bent Fork, Kentucky is seeking Choir Director / Musician. We seek a Christian who is gifted as musician and experienced in building a Worship ministry in the local church. The ideal candidate will exhibit the qualities necessary to teach, lead and develop singers and other musicians on the team.


Interested individuals may submit application materials between September 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019.  Please see the attached description for full details.”



  • The announcement may be submitted as a .pdf or a Microsoft Word document

  • Those announcements will be converted to a .pdf and added to the posting as a clickable link.

  • All files must be sent via email, with the letterhead document attached.


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