T. Vaughn Walker and Thurmond Coleman Ministry Mobilization Summit Day

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The Central District Baptist Association Adjourned Session

Thursday, December 5, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Registration Opens at 9 am

Central District Church Secretaries and Administration Ministry

9: 45 am -Missionary Hour Honoring Mrs. Cora Coleman

Rev. Dr. Barry Johnson, CBDA Treasurer - Presiding

Pastor, Southern Star Baptist Church

11: 15 am Lunch

12pm Dr. T. Vaughn Walker Focus on Ministry Summit

Rev. Eric French, First Vice Moderator - Presiding

Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church

T. Vaughn Walker Lecture

by Dr. Cheryl Walker

T. Vaughn Walker Panel

Dr. Cheryl Waker, Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Eric Johnson

Moderator: Rev. Larry Sykes

T. Vaughn Walker Sermon

Rev. Dr. Eric Johnson

2pm - Afternoon Christian Education Sessions

Rev. Larry Sykes, President, Christian Education Department

Option# 1 - Catch the Wave: Developing Ministry Strategies for Changing Times

Taught by Rev. Stephen Smith

Option# 2 -Fine. Fine. Fine.: Developing Appropriate Pastoral Care Strategies for 2020

Taught by Rev. Keith Hackett

Option# 3 - Closing the Gap: Navigating Intergenerational Ministry

Taught by Rev. H. Wayne Colbert

4pm Dinner

5pm - Moments with the Moderator

6pm - Rev. Thurmond Coleman Focus on Ministry Summit

Rev. Corrie Shull, Moderator - Presiding

Pastor, Burnett Avenue Baptist Church

Music by First Baptist Church, Jeffersontown Mass Choir

Thurmond Coleman, Sr. Lecture

Rev. Dr. Richard Gaines