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The Inaugural Class of the Liberty District Association Bible Institute

The inaugural class with Liberty District Association Bible Institute staff and Professor. 

The Inagural Class of the Liberty District Association Bible Institute

The class was celebrated with a potluck supper and the awarding of Certificates of Completion from Liberty District Association Bible Institute. Several students received full credit from Campbellsville University, while others audited the course.  Class members are as follows: 

Drucilla Alex,

Amanda Ellis,

Rev. Evans Fant,

Rev. Charles Fishback,

Rev Warner Fishback,

Beverly Ford,

Tom Hughes,

Michael Jackson,

Sherry Jewell,

Linda Kirk,

Christina Lowe,

Jason Lowe,

Dwayne Mansfield,

Rev Tyrone Mitchell,

Roxie Perry,

Rev Terry Rice,

Lou Twyman,

William Twyman,

Jerry Westerfield and

Anita Wilson. 

The class was taught by Dr John Hurtgen Head of the school of Theology.   Liberty District Association Bible Institute Staff are:

Director Dr. Eric Duke,

Assistant Director Rev. Peter Williams,

Treasurer Rev Shayne Stockton,

Secretary Sherry Mansfield,

Asst. Secretary and

Public Relations Angela B Campbell,

Public Relations Second Vice Moderator Rev Keith Rowlett 


Reporting Angela B Campbell 

Rev. Warner Fishback, Moderator

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