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Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr., Named The 2024 Pastors & Leaders Conference Banquet Speaker

The 80th Pastors and Leaders Conference will begin with its customary banquet on Monday evening, February 19, 2024. Moderator Michael Rice and the Moderator's Cabinet a pleased to announce that Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray Sr. of Memphis, TN will be the opening speaker for the 2024 Conference during the banquet.

About Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray Sr.

Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray Sr. is a charismatic leader, a revered Bible scholar, published author,

Image of Rev. Dr. Frank E. Ray Sr., the Senior Pastor of New Salem Baptist Church of Memphis TN and Banquet Speaker for The General Association of Baptists in Kentucky's 80th Pastors and Leaders Conference

recognized orator and recording artist who serves as senior pastor of New Salem Baptist Church in Memphis, a growing congregation of over 5,000 members.

Often referred to as the “Walking Bible”, Dr. Ray preaches the word of God with spirit-filled scriptural simplicity. Today, the scope of God is Good Ministries is worldwide. His radio and television ministries are touching thousands of lives both here in America and abroad. Of his many works, the sermon, "What Do I Do Next?" is Dr. Ray's most requested message selling over 25,000 copies on CD, DVD, and audiocassettes.

Dr. Ray's leadership skills and constant study of God’s word has earned him numerous honors, awards and appointments to national positions. He served for 10 years as chairman of the ‘Late Night Services’ for the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. and is currently serving as the national lecturer for the same organization.

Through Dr. Ray’s teaching and preaching, many have entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while others have had their faith strengthened. Both his business experience and his spiritual training have been factors in the tremendous successes he has earned. Coining the phrase, "God is Good All the Time and All the Time God is Good", Dr. Ray undoubtedly knows To God Be the Glory.

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I’m in Chattanooga TN and would like more information about the conference. I would love to attend

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