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March 14, 2021

JOSHUA 5: 13, 6: 5, 15-16, 20


The word conquest is defined as the subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by use of force. A victory in war, to gain mastery over or winning by over coming obstacles or opposition.

In our lesson, we have the biblical story of Joshua and the conquest of the fortified city of Jericho which is significant to Jewish Christian theology.

Joshua, a military commander with the support of God, marches toward the promised land. While enroute, Jericho is the first city that lies in the path to the promised land. Jericho with its lush tropical climate, palm, sycamore trees and it's great wealth would be first to be sacrificed.

1 MESSENGER OF THE PLAN (Joshua 5:13-15)

It is here that Joshua has an epiphany, an encounter with an holy messenger. He sees a man in front of him with his sword drawn. Joshua ask if he was friend or foe which he was neither but was a commander of the army of the Lord. Joshua fell flat

on his face in reverance. He ask the question concerning the plan and was told to take off his shoes for he was standing on holy ground.


The people of Jericho had been warned of a potential envasion of the city. They barred gates, closed the city going and coming. The plan to take the city was an unusal plan. It was not an ordinary plan. There was no need for heavy armor, battering rams, the usual tactics. Instead the men were to walk around the city in silence once a day for six days. Seven priest led the procession carrying the ark, symbolizing God's presence,

On the seventh day the Priest and the men were to walk around the city seven times and after the seventh time the Priest would blow trumpets that would signal the people to shout. This was intimidation to the enemy and the walls of Jericho would fall flat.

3 JOSHUA OBEYS THE PLAN (vv. 15-16, 20)

Joshua followed the plan as was given. They marched , blew trumpets, and gave a great shout and the walls came tumbling down.


In the sixties, I was a teenager. It was a time of much civil unrest. Vietnam, civil rights movement. It was a time of stress and distress. The church played a major role doing the height of a civil rights movement. There were two groups that were leading this movement with opposing views on the direction of the movement. One group held the notion of by any means necessary while the other would simply protest by peacefully marching, singing we shall overcome, taking matters to court.

I truly belive we've come a long way with a long way to go regarding civil rights. I truly belive that the best plan is God's plan, the plan of conquest.

Rev, Johnny H, Eskridge

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