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"Injustice Will Be Punished” April 12, 2020

Key Scripture:

ESTHER 7:1-10


The book of Esther is a book of profound interplay of God’s sovereignty and human will. Esther, a young Jewish woman, is chosen to be in the Royal harem. The king of Persia is so pleased with her that he makes her his queen. It is because of the kings right hand man and second in command Haman, that the king is persuaded to condemn Mordecai, Esther’s cousin and all the Jews to death, however, the king would honor the queens request which would foil Haman’s plot. It is because of Esther, a whole nation is saved.

1 ESTHER’S PETITION (Esther 7: 1-6)

We find here that Esther would host banquets. In this chapter, we have the second of two banquets. Mordecai had refused to bow to Haman thus there was the purpose for the plot to exterminate Jews. Esther, aware of the plot, begins her strategy. Being the queen, she has appeal and influence with the king. Esther prayed and fasted that her people would be spared this plot by Haman. The king ask of and honors her request. Esther makes the case, the Jews had not offended the Persian government. It was the hatred and prejudice of one man who would hatch such an evil plan.

2 HAMAN’S DEMISE (vv. 7-10)

At this point, the King becomes enraged at Haman. He now realizes that Haman had deceived him. Haman now becomes the one in judgement. He is now at the foot of the one that he would have destroyed, Mordecai, Esther, and the Jews. Haman is caught in the trap that he had set for others. He is caught in his own trap. He is taken and condemned. Hatred and prejudice led to his destruction, Haman is executed.


I truly believe that wrong will be righted, bad will come to good, the crooked will be made straight. God has the first say and the last say. He is the beginning and the end. Hatred and prejudice are two of the most unfortunate aspects of a society. Hatred and prejudice are encumbering facts of life, spreading as a plague, hindering progress. Despite the evil plans of some, God is all powerful and all knowing. He is always ahead of the proverbial curve. Esther is placed in the right place at the right time, in the right situation for the right people.



Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge

St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights

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