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March 21, 2021

JOSHUA 5: 13, 6: 5, 15-16, 202 KINGS 22: 14-20


Institutions of higher learning, government and religious establishments will more times than not, have advisors. Those who have been solicited to advise, give instruction and warn of empending danger.They give council to and for ones specific intrest and concern. They are important to any generation and culture. In our lesson, we learn of one who was advisor to King Josiah, this advisor was Huldah who was consulted on behalf of the Priest Hilkiah scribes and others. She was a prophetess the wife of one who was in charge of the king's wardrobe, Shallum.

1 GOD'S PROPHETESS ( 2 Kings 22: 14)

Huldah was consulted on behalf of King Josiah by Chief Priest Hilkiah, Shaphan, scribes and others. They had discovered the Book of Law during renovation of the temple,. After the finding of the book, judgement was prophesied against Jerusalem and Judah but would come after the death of King Josiah.

2 GOD'S CONDEMNATION (vv. 15-17)

Huldah,s prophecy was that of judgement, Jerusalem and the people would taste evil days. The Lord would not tolerate open violations of the law. Huldah prophesied that God would bring disaster on the land and it's people. They were to focus on God and not the gods of the world.

3 GOD'S AFFIRMATION (vv. 18-20)

Regardless of judgement, there was yet a glimmer of hope. Huldah sends another message to King Josiah. There would be mercy and grace in that King Josiah humbled himself before the Lord with a tender heart. He tore his clothes and wept over what he had read in the book that had been discovered in the temple. God sent a message through Huldah that King Josiah would not live to see the days of horror. He would die four years before Nebuchadnezzer would attack Jerusalem.


Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement. The soundness of action, ,decisive principals that develope within a society or period , the capacity to make good use of knowledge. I truly believe that honoring God's law is the greatest of all wisdom expressed in our lesson.

Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge

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