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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

ISAIAH 49: 1-11


For seventy years Israel was captive in Babylon. The Lord would allow them to return to Jerusalem yet most would stay in Babylon having acquired the ways of the Babylon culture and influence. It was only a few, a remnant that would return to Judah.

It is here in chapter 49 that the Lord, the Messiah, speaks in the first person through the writing of the prophet Isaiah. It is here that the Lord speaks softly offering hope and help with the promise of his coming. His coming will be for the salvation of Jews and Gentiles alike.

1 The Servants Call and Mission (Isaiah 49: 1-7)

Isaiah writes of four passages known as “The Servants Song”. It is here in this chapter that we have the second song. This song outlines the coming Messiah’s mission on earth. He would bring light, healing and restoration, offering salvation promises to the Jewish people and the entire world. It is here in this passage that the prophet would describe the servant words as instruments of war, a well-polished sword that pierces the intended target. Jesus is kept out of the limelight until a certain time in history, at the appointed time, he will introduce the savior and his message. The prophet calls the Servant by the name Israel, who originally carried God’s salvation message, these would rebel.

The Servant Saves and Restores (vv. 8-11)

The writer here writes that Jehovah heard the prayer of the Servant and helped him fulfill the prophetic promise and ministry of the Servant. God is committed to lifting the universe out of its critical

condition, placing his spirit in desolate places. His desire is for the entire human race to know the truth through Jesus Christ. Because God has freed the captives in Babylon, he now offers freedom to all humanity that’s bound in sin. They can now bask in the presence of a Holy God.

The servant will lead them to green pastures, keep them away from the scorching sun, leads them to lush feeding grounds and fresh water. These are promises for not only Jews, Jesus saves and restores any willing to come to him.


The writer Isaiah continues to prophetically predict the prescribed predicament of a promised people. The freedom of the Jewish nation from Babylonian captivity has a greater intention than simply a matter of comfort and prosperity. The main objective of freedom and restoration was more than simply fulfilling a promise. The main objective for their restoration is to continue to proclaim the goodness of God and to pave the way for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the savior f the world.

It is said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. True that is.

As we are redeemed, restored and re-forgiven, we are given another chance to share the goodness of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, “I gotta tell somebody, I just cant keep it, to myself”

Rev. J. H. Eskridge

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