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”FULL LIFE IN CHRIST” (February 12, 2023)

Colossians 2: 6-15 Introduction Throughout all of society and generations, advanced knowledge awakens understanding and sensibilities. However, there is an issue, a concern that knowledge often becomes misdirected, misguided, and a misinterpreted theological perspective. It’s intentional for the purpose of usurping the authority of an almighty God. A designed mythology of delusional rhetoric regarding one's faith in Christ. Paul, in the text, warns the Colossian church concerning the heretical teachings of Gnosticism, the teaching that teaches knowledge rules supreme. They taught that the flesh is evil; therefore it’s the thought of the mind of knowledge that is supreme.

1 WARNINGS AGAINST STRANGE TEACHINGS (Colossians 2:6-8) Paul sets forth to warn against deception. Some things may sound right, but are wrong and against faith in Christ. The church had encountered what seem to be a reasonable argument that would oppose Christ. They are to remain grounded, planted, rooted, and established in Christ. They are not to be tossed to and fro with every wind and doctrine, not to be captivated by the philosophy that emanates from traditions formed from worldly ideologies.

2 FULLNESS OF LIFE IN CHRIST (vv. 9-10) Paul reiterates what he has taught in the previous chapter, emphasizing the supremacy of Christ over other religions and ideologies. Christ is the head of the church, all fullness dwells in him. Paul had taught that Christ is fully Divine, having come in the flesh. They are complete in his fullness, above all rules and authority.

3 BELIEVERS ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST (vv. 11-15) Paul now speaks of heart circumcision over and above flesh circumcision. Receiving Christ as the savior cuts away the sinful nature of man. Circumcision, is the ritual, as is baptism. In Christ, our debts are paid and erased. Jesus erased our debt; he nailed it to the cross. Baptism does not wash away sin, nor does circumcision of the flesh; it is the trust in Christ that paid the price that washes away sin. CONCLUSION There is no doubt that some today deceive and distort with false teachings and false notions. Knowledge has its place in society, yet knowledge alone is insufficient. Thank God there is fullness, in Christ. Rev. J.H. Eskridge

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