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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

November 15, 2020


There is a song that says, “the battle is not yours, it’s the Lords”. Often, we face challenges that provoke us and prod us into conflict. These challenges can lead into regretful confrontations. The writer gives us the proper response, that is, to love one another. He writes to the church in Asia Minor teaching the importance of putting love into action.

1 LOVE AND LIFE AND DEATH {1 John 3: 11-16}

The writer gives an example of one who does not demonstrate love, that being Cain who killed his brother Able, Cain was filled with envy, which does not display the love of Christ. Doing this time in our text, followers of Christ were being persecuted as they would display their love for Christ. They were despised, out casted by the community. John encourages the church to remain steadfast. He warns those who have not love for others are spiritually dead.

2 SHOWING OUR LOVE {v. 17-20}

As we give to others, it demonstrates our love, in that we do it expecting nothing in return. It’s one thing to speak love yet love is better seen in what we do as opposed to what we may say, expecting nothing in return. Indeed we are to love which illustrates truth. Love is much more than lip service, some might say, “talk is cheap”.


Failing to love hinders our confidence in Christ. As we love we can have bold confidence that we are in the will of God. As we obey his commandment he honors our request. We are to remain connected, meditating on his word in prayer. We are also to remain connected to each other which fuels our joy. Showing love is our testimony, witnessing to the lost as well as the saved. Love expresses confidence that’s anchored in knowing that Christ lives in us and we in Him.


Someone once said in a song, “there are not many things that we can be sure of except rain comes from the clouds, and sun lights up the sky, and humming birds do fly”. I don’t know about you but I’m thoroughly convinced that we can be sure of the love of God. The same love that inspires us to love others, loving one another. That’s “CONFIDENT LOVE”,

Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge

St. Paul Shively Heights

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