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“Clothed with Christ” (February 19, 2023)

Colossians 3: 5-17


As we profess a life in and with Christ, our behavior should match our profession. Too many times, what we say and do is uncharacteristic of a life in and with Christ. Behavior matters, attitudes matter, and how we treat others matters. Paul concludes his letter to the Colossians with strict instructions about Christian conduct.

1 NEW LIFE IN CHRIST (Colossians 3: 5-9)

Paul speaks on the matter of the tendency to revert to the old nature. We have new life in Christ. We are to have an intentional change of life, ridding ourselves of evil passions, uncommon habits, and uncontrolled desires. Put away ruthless pursuit for material gain, doing away with self-interest in the place of God. Paul warns of the Judgement for the ungodly of the past. In Christ, we have a new beginning, unclothing ourselves from the past. Paul speaks of doing away with anger, rage, outburst, malice, slander, insults, bad language, abusive speech, and lying. We are to put off these old behaviors, and put on the new.


Paul now speaks of how to become a new creature. It’s the knowledge of Christ and the word of God. It is the spirit of God that changes us, ridding bad thoughts, desires, and intentions out of our minds, Paul states that in Christ, there are no nationalities, Greek nor Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised. In Christ, there or no cultural differences, and no cultural status has no advantage or disadvantage. No economic or political status, bond or free. All of these were old ways of thinking, before Christ.

3 WALKING NEW (vv. 12-17)

Finally, Paul warns the Colossian church to walk in compassion, tenderness, kindness, gracing gentleness, humility, and considering the rights of others. The new life in Christ is an unconditional love beyond the call of duty. Paul speaks of peace as another characteristic of the new life. Not only peace toward others but peace of mind, to be unruffled by difficulties and confusion. We are to promote peace, allowing the word of God to control our thinking, attitude, and action. We are to sing psalms and hymns, spiritual songs based on truth. We are Christ’s ambassadors.


It is often said, “what you see, is what you get” however, that’s not always true. Some who profess Christ do not act nor behave in a Christ-like manner. There is a song that simply says, “Let Others See Jesus In You.”


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