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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Lesson Scripture: 1 CHRONICLES 17:1, 3-4, 11-14, 21:18, 21-27

Key Scripture:

10 starting from the time I appointed judges to rule my people Israel. And I will defeat all your enemies.“‘Furthermore, I declare that the Lord will build a house for you—a dynasty of kings!


It is here recorded in 1st Chronicles David in a time of the nations glory. God has given him success and the nation is doing well. He takes a census against the advice of his military advisor Joab. The census taken itself was not what would put him in a bad way with God, it was his pride. He seemed to forget that his success was due to God’s doing and not of his on making. David was given three options as a discipline. Three years of famine, three months of enemies attacks or three days of a plague. David chose the plague. He was then instructed to designate and consecrate a place for the future temple to be built, which would then end the plague.


I. DAVID’S INTENTIONS (1Chronicles 17: 1, 3-4)

David having built himself a home recognizes that the Ark of the Covenant was kept in a tent. He then decides to build a better home for the Ark. God sends Nathan to David to remind him who it is that allowed him his success. David had intentions but was thus told by Nathan that God as in charge.

II. GOD’S PROMISE (vv. 11-14)

Throughout all of the Old Testament we see the importance of one’s legacy. God makes a promise to David that David’s legacy will live on. He talks of a coming son who will build the temple and become king. He talks about Solomon but also refers toward one greater to come in the line of David.

III. Remember (vv.12-15)

III. DAVID’S SACRIFICE (1Chronicles 21: 18, 21-27)

It is here that David receives punishment for sins. He repents, he now seeks to build an altar, symbolizing surrender to God. He seeks to repair the breach caused by sins.


It is so often that great leaders desire to place their mark on the present as well as the future. A desire to establish and leave foot prints that have it’s place in and on the world. Many have a star on the side walk with their name. Some have buildings named after them. Streets are named after many. It's all about legacy.

In our lesson, David would do the right thing, secure the Ark of the Covenant. I truly believe that God has a plan for us and after we have taken the plan so far, others will step up and continue God’s plan. David’s legacy was in place. The promise was made, that his Son would continue what he had started.

There is another house, one built without hands, God has promised it.


Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge | St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights | Louisville, Kentucky

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