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Struggling to Accept!!! The Emmaus Road Experience

Background Passage: Luke 24:13-49. Print Passage: Luke 24-13-27, 30-32

Key Verse: And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him, and He vanished out of their sight. Luke 24:31 KJV

Introduction: The Emmaus Road Experience. Our lesson today takes us on a trip to a town called Emmaus it was 60 furlongs from Jerusalem, three days after the crucifixion of Christ. Two distraught disciples were headed back home with there hopes dashed.

They thought all was lost, because the one they placed their faith in was dead. They thought that He would be the One to redeem Israel. Suddenly they were met by an unrecognizable fellow that seemed not to know what had happened three days earlier.

1. The Walk: Luke 24:13-17

In verses 13-15. Two disciples head back home from Jerusalem. They were discussing things that happened, probably from the whole passion week. As they continued to walk and talk, Christ joined Himself to them.

In verses 16,17. Even though they may have seen Christ many times during His ministry, for some reason the could not recognize Him today. As far as they could tell He was just another traveler. Verse 16 says they were prevented from recognizing Him.

As Christ had done many times before. He asks a question of that may have meant to start the comfort process. How many times as we walked through life sad, has Christ showed up with just the right question to help us?

2. The Need for Clear Instruction: Luke 24:18-24

In these verses, Cleopas strikes up a conversation about what went on concerning who he called a great prophet,Jesus of Nazareth.

How they though would redeem Israel. How the Chief Priest had condemned and crucified Him.

They went on to tell how they were astonished by the witness of the women concerning angels, and an empty tomb.

3. Class Is In Session: Luke 24:25-27

In verses 25,26 Christ gives a light rebuke for their lack of belief in the Scriptures. Asking should not Christ have gone through all to enter into His Glory?

In verse 27 He beginning with Moses the first inspired writer of Scripture, taught them about the story of Himself. As He once said the volume of the book that was written of Him.

4. Scriptural Heartburn : Luke 24:30-31

After blessing and breaking the bread as He had done in times past. Three supernatural occurrences take place.

One: He opened their eyes

Two: He opened their understanding

Three: He vanished from sight.

The conveyed the joy, excitement, and renewed hope that came from their spiritual heartburn.

Conclusion: If we could have Christ to show up and walk, talk, teach, and eat with us. What pleasure that must be. He does that today on many occasions He has been in our midst.

In our lesson today these disciples received but a short view of our Lord and Savior. It was one that left an unequivocal impression on them. Will you be able to recognize when Christ visits you? Will you tell it? Will you keep this blessed experience to yourself?

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