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Partnerships That Make A Difference! Hope In Disasters in Kentucky and Beyond.

Over the past couple of years our country, including the Commonwealth of Kentucky, has been riddled with Disasters in Kentucky after Disaster that has not only taken lives but has impacted lives in such a significant way that many of those affected will never be the same again.

Moderator Michael Rice and 1st Vice Moderator Nathl Moore with families harmed by flooding ind Kentucky

According to the “Team Kentucky Disaster Relief Report,” FEMA estimates that the flooding in Eastern Kentucky in 2022 caused $350–400 million in damages, including both individual and public infrastructure. The report also stated that the tornadoes in Western and Central Kentucky in December 2021, “saw 18 tornadoes that injured 617 people of which 80 people lost their lives” due to tornado-related injuries. The tornadoes destroyed more than 15,000 structures and caused $3.5 billion in damage.

As we, the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, were lifting those affected by these natural disasters in prayer, we also knew that our prayers must result in action. But given the magnitude of these horrific events, we understood that if we were going to be effective it would take the entire Household of Faith to come together and bring our resources to maximize our efforts. As the GABKY State Mission Board reached out to our churches to contribute to this effort, the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention and the National Baptist Convention of America, reached out to us. They asked, “How can we come alongside and partner with GABKY because we can do more together than we can apart?

This partnership has not only allowed us to respond in a significant way to the devastation here in Kentucky, but because of our collaboration, we have responded in a meaningful way to the recent tornadoes that ravaged parts of the state of Mississippi. Our partnership has allowed us, even now, to be in a position to respond to the next natural disaster in some meaningful way. The evidence shows that when the people of God come together, we can demonstrate the Love of Christ with distinctions and power that makes a difference. It’s no telling what significant challenges we can overcome by partnering together. I’m in, what about You?

The General Association State Mission Board and Moderators’ Cabinet in partnership with, pastors, districts, and national partners supported the recovery efforts of families, and churches across the commonwealth and in Mississippi.

Below are just a few of the tangible helps that your contributions, your prayers and the hard work of committed followers of Jesus Christ did to ease the suffering of your Brothers and Sisters.

The General Association State Mission Board:

• Coordinated the delivery of six tractor-trailers of food to tornado victims.

• Four to the Maysville community and

• Two trucks in the Bowling Green Area.

• Two tractor-trailers full of brand-new furniture

• One truck to Maysville families

• One to families in Bowling Green.

• Provided $15,000 in Visa Gift Cards to Easters Kentucky Flood Victims

• Distributed $25,000 recovery support checks based on the need to victims of the Bowling Green / Western Kentucky Tornado and

• $5,000.00 to Maysville

• Delivered $3,000.00 in financial support to Tornado Victims in Mississippi

Through the State Mission Board, The Vice Moderators worked in the regions hardest hit to deliver much-needed aid. A special thanks to the following Brothers who aided immeasurably the effectiveness of the aid efforts were Rev. Peck, Pastor John Lee & Rev. Dr. Suber.

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