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Hero - Andrew Baskin

By Dorothy Boah

Dear Mr. Baskin, thank you for teaching the importance of African American history. It is very important as a young adult to know your culture and it roots. Some students may think you are difficult and straight, but I think as a professor you want the best for all of us. You always encourage your students to strive for success no matter what their circumstances are. Mr. Baskin, you have a unique personality that everyone admires. You are also a positive advocate that young adults will be inspire by not just for now but for future generation. Your teaching skill is inspiring, and it has impacted my lifestyle in a positive way. For instance, Whenever I watch a documentary video, it gives me a lot knowledge of being a strong young adult and achieving both my short and long goals in life. It is a blessing that God brought you into my life. I am willing to express what I have learned in history class with you and other individuals. As an instructor, you never want us to give up and accept failure as an option.

Everything we learn in class is for our own good. Mr. Baskin, your words of encouragement motivate me to attend classes daily and not even miss a day. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in God and choose to live a righteous life. I truly appreciate your effort of teaching the way of life and not giving up easily until our goals are accomplished. As a young adult, it always important to educate yourself and be positive role model for community. Working as a team creates a positive environment and it helps students to set their differences aside as well as getting to know each other culture, values and background. Mr. Baskin, thanks for your dedication and hard work. May God continue to you in everything you set your mind on. I cannot wait to learn many new things in African American history.

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