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Lessons I Learned From My Father (A Spoken Word Work)

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Garry M. Spotts, M.Div., © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Excerpted From "Mortal Breath To Eternal Winds' The Rise of Shine And Other Writings

Lessons, I learned from my Father

Be no man’s slave,

Wage or otherwise

No man’s serf or vassal,

Disadvantaged and despised

Never want so much

That you want for your dignity

Sold into servitude by greed or need

The endless engine of poverty

Bowed and broken

Driven and scourged

A Soul-less, Crushed Spirit Angry at life and living

Be not a place-holder,

But Fill your space, full

Live to serve, but never

Serve to Live

You are Greater than

Your present station

I am, We are The Raw Stuff of Nations

I AM No one’s Slave, and every one’s servant.

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