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Get Uncomfortable

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By Dr. Ashley Anderson

I did a Bible study with my mom recently about praying more dangerous prayers. During the seven- day study, the author challenged us to truly evaluate the way we pray and what we pray for to help determine if we are praying out of routine, or truly talking to God?

Over that week, I was convicted that while I had been praying consistently over all aspects of my life and the lives of those I love and care for, I was not taking that extra step to trust God outside of my comfort zone. I was purposely asking God to move in some aspects of my life while omitting others. Literally, there were some areas of my life I had never mentioned in my prayers. Sometimes, this occurs when we are not exactly sure what God is calling us to do or where He is asking us to do in a situation. Instead of extending an open invitation for God to flex his muscles in an area we really are not trying to change, we get cold feet.

But, what if we actually asked God to use us in all aspects of our lives? What if we gave Him free reign to remove all the things about us and around us that are not in His will and fill us with those things that push us toward our divine purpose? What If we could remove all of the fences and checkpoints in our lives and allow God to work in the mess that really needs to be fixed? I know there are people and things in your life that you love and enjoy that are not moving you toward your purpose. I know that it may be hard or even unimaginable to let those people or things go, but what is the alternative? Are you willing to take your last breath knowing you never walked in your greatness because of him, her, them, or that? Are you willing to continue beating your head against the same wall because you refuse to learn the lesson and walk through the door God is clearly trying to walk you through? I know it’s uncomfortable and I know that it is scary. I also know that God is not concerned about your comfort, He is concerned with the quality of your character.

Get uncomfortable with your prayers. Break the mundane habits of your recited daily meditations and truly let God see your heart. Pray for the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life. Ask Him to show you what needs to be removed from your heart and mind. Ask for discernment about your next mission on this earth and ask for the endurance to run towards it without getting faint. Ask God to use you to uplift His kingdom in any way He sees fit. My brothers and sisters, you are royal by birthright. You were perfectly designed and crafted by the one true king. Mediocrity is not in your blood. Get uncomfortable. Trust God and adorn your crown.

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