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Bringing the 20th Century Church Into The 21st Century

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Understanding the software and technology that powers engagement

Written and Curated by Garry M. Spotts, M.Div.,

The Internet and the apps and technology that drive it have evolved tremendously since the age of early adopters. In the last thirty (30) years we've seen storage media explode from kilobytes (kb) to terabytes (tb). To get a sense what that actually means, 1 megabyte (mb) = 1,000 (kb), 1 gigabyte equals roughly 1,000 (mb) and 1 terabyte = about 1,000 gigabytes.

To truly understand what is happening, you must first know the differences between the tech and the apps that power it. A computer, whether a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or smartphone is simply the medium for the applications. These are the tools in your home, your office or in your hand that give you ease of access to the applications.

The application is where the real magic happens in your life, work and home. The physical tech, TVs, laptops and tablets have to evolve because the applications that run on those devices require more speed, more space and more processing power. The application or in other words, what you see, interact with and engage with on the screen is the only reason you purchase any of these devices. If there were no applications (apps) then what need would you have for a smartphone, smart TV, laptop or desktop computer? The answer is "None!"

Wondering why the church needs to embrace and master the technology and the apps that power it? Simply put, they are tools that allow you to do what you have already been doing more effectively, more affordably and faster, with greater potential reach.

A website is no longer a competitive advantage, but it is the price of admission to the game of engaging people outside of your four walls. Without the simple technology of a website you effectively cut yourself off from the people who would otherwise benefit from and may be looking for a relationship with you and your community.

Below you will find an article curated from that highlights research and statistics that validate the need to embrace and master the technology and applications that power them for the sake of your church's


10 Powerful Church Statistics on Social Media Use

1. In 2017, more than half of Bible readers used the internet (55%) or a smartphone (53%) to access biblical texts, a significant increase from 2011 (37%, 18% respectively). (Source: Barna Group)

Barna Bible use data

Takeaway: Your followers are using the internet and social media as part of their worship routine in ever-increasing numbers. You need to have an active social media presence to take advantage of that fact, since that’s where your audience is. Here’s a guide on building your church website, and one on building your church social media strategy.

2. Almost 70% of churches offer Wi-Fi for staff and guests. A 2017 LifeWay Research study found that 68% of Protestant churches offer Wi-Fi for both groups. (Source: LifeWay Research)

LifeWay Wi-Fi breakdown

Takeaway: If your church doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, you’re in the minority and could be driving guests away. Here’s a guide from FaithEngineer on upgrading your church’s internet situation.