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Your Ministry Matters

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Rev. Philip Suber, 3rd Vice Moderator - GABKY

Amid a capitalist culture that we are now confronted with, it is easy to lose focus on the reality that your ministry matters. The competitive society we live in today can lead us to think that if our ministries are not massive, they are insignificant. Let me encourage someone. God is not concerned with the size of your ministry; He is concerned with the quality of your ministry.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

Friends, we cannot be so focused on the mountainous experiences of our service that we fail to see the deep valleys between the peaks of those mountains. It is imperative that we understand that our ministries matter during the strenuous journeys through the valley and the deep sloping experiences that cause so many to question the love and very nature of God. We are challenged to remember the precious souls that reside in the valley that so desperately need Christ. Housed in the deep, ever-winding slopes are major ministry prospects if we allow God to move us to His definition of ministry.

During my tenure as a Family Service Worker (FSW) with Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services (DCS), I also served as pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church (FMBC) Elkton, KY. One Friday, I was scheduled to preach in Clarksville, TN; however, a child on my caseload disrupted their placement, and I was told I must pick up this child and transport them to a new placement. I was torn as I contemplated my responsibilities. After praying fervently about the matter, the Holy Spirit led me to cancel the preaching opportunity and travel to pick up the youth two hours west of Clarksville, TN. I had to transport the teenager four hours east of Clarksville, TN; it was an all-night transport.

As the team traveled towards the youth’s new placement, this teenager cried out, “Why won’t God help me?” This youth had the mind of a two-year-old toddler, but at that moment, I did not see the child’s disability. I saw a soul crying for help. Instantaneously, the Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit; you are in the right place to console this young man. The how of the matter was simple. I told the youth that the Lord would help him. Those soft and encouraging words settled the young man, and we had a successful transport to his new placement. Friends, that night, God said to me that my ministry is multifaceted, and it matters. Preaching is meaningful and rewarding, but that night God wanted to see if I would operate in an obscure ministry with the same commitment and enthusiasm as I have in the pulpit.

Someone is struggling with the thought of being insignificant because you do not have the popularity as others. Friend, your ministry is not insignificant, and it does matter. You may want to give up on serving God because you do not have a multi-dimensional service platform. However, I say again, friend, your ministry matters! Friend, we have an audience of One! Our audience is the Wonderful, Counselor, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the one and only Mighty God! It is Him we must please. Be faithful where you are.

Work hard to empower the people God allows you an audience with because your ministry DOES matter. Serving one or serving one thousand your ministry matters. Friend, I encourage you to keep your hand to the ministry plow, for great is your reward with God.

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