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The Tree of Life

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Sister Rosie Newsom Harless

“Good morning God!” I am sitting here enjoying the cool breeze and marveling in the beauty of the changing of the seasons. The tree leaves that use to be bright, bright green are now beaming with glowing gold, red, yellow and brown colors. How amazing is it that for every good thing there is – like a simple tree, it can be related to the bible. For example, in Genesis 1:12 it states, “And the fruit yielding tree after his kind.” In Psalms 1:3, we read, “And he shall be like a tree planted.” And in Revelation 22:2, we find this reference, “Was there the tree of life.” Trees are mentioned in the Bible countless times.

In addition, every major biblical character is associated with some form of a tree. Jesus died on a cross made of wood (legend says a dogwood tree). Aaron’s rod and Moses’ staff were made of wood. There were many fruit-bearing trees in the Garden of Eden.

A Frozen Tree In Wintery Snow
Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Jesus said he is the true vine and that his Father is the dresser of the garden. The Holy Bible is often referred to as “the tree of life” as it is the written word of wisdom and of how we can have a prosperous life versus a life filled with plague and misfortune. Jesus was sent to earth to show us the ways written about in the bible. Lastly, we are told to be like trees planted by streams of water that yield their fruit in season.

A fruitful tree produces abundant possibilities. To the human eye, trees offer a pleasant scenery, just as God designed; however, to the soul and mind, trees offers a window of understanding of just what our ancestors and Jesus experienced. When man was obedient to God’s word, the tree was greatly beneficial to him. It provided food, shelter, protection and was used to fight off the enemy. Think about how Noah used the wood of a gopher tree to build an unsinkable ark that sailed for forty days and forty nights. Contrarily, when man did not respect God’s direction, man suffered negative consequences. Adam had access to every fruit tree available to him in the Garden of Eden, except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He had been warned by God not to eat of that tree; however, he (and all mankind) was cursed all the days of his life for eating of that tree. Unfortunately, man continues to be disobedient and experience hardships of life instead of bountiful blessings of life.

As Christians, it is our duty to spread the gospel of the Lord. Our meager efforts just might open the eyes of a non-believer. Use the examples found in the bible to show how something as simple as a tree, rock, bread, or fish has consecrated your life. Remember, the bible is the tree of life!

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Rosie, nice article, that is so true; and thanks for letting your light shine. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches from the vine or tree, so we--the branches, are supposed to produce fruit from the tree (love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, kindness, etc). Occasionally we need to examine ourselves to see if we are bearing fruit, or if we have been disconnected from the vine (Jesus); if so, we need to repent and get back hooked up to the vine, So we can be like that tree planted by the water (Psalms 1:1-3).


Tony Newson
Tony Newson
Oct 13, 2020

Awesome! ”The Bible is the tree of life”


Praise God for your wisdom and sharing of the gospel of Christ! Thank you for giving praise to God and telling us about his love.

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