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Lesson Scripture: 1 KINGS 8: 22-30, 52-53

Key Scripture:

10 starting from the time I appointed judges to rule my people Israel. And I will defeat all your enemies.“‘Furthermore, I declare that the Lord will build a house for you—a dynasty of kings!


To dedicate means to commit to a task or purpose. To be devoted to, a loyalty to and for something or someone. In our lesson, Solomon dedicates the temple in a prayer.


I. PRAY AND GIVE THANKS (1Kings 8: 22-26)

Solomon offered three prayers during the dedication ceremony. The first prayer concentrates on God’s promise to Solomon’s father David, to always have an heir sitting on the throne for all eternity. The second prayer is the fundamental core of the dedication ceremony. He shows reverence to God, he humbles himself and expresses gratitude for God’s faithfulness.

II. PRAY AND BELIEVE (vv. 27-30, 52-53)

Solomon has the understanding, the God given wisdom to know that however grand and beautiful the temple, God cannot not be confined to any one particular place and time. God is omnipresent, God lives not in the temple but he lives in the hearts of mankind. Solomon petitions for forgiveness of the people. Solomon in this prayer calls on God to remember the covenant made at Mount Sinai with Moses after the exodus from Egypt. Solomon petitions for God to remember and respond to his people’s prayer.


As Solomon offers prayer in dedicating the temple, he reminds God of the promise made to his father David.

Solomon understands that there would come a time of opposition of enemies. He understood that there would be opposition, enemies who would plot to over throw his kingdom. He calls on God to protect the promise that had been made to David.

So often as we dedicate our facilities, our lives, there will be forces seen and unseen that will disturb the soul. As Solomon dedicates the temple in prayer, he believes that God is all knowing, all powerful and he will keep his promise. This is the message in “SOLOMON’S DEDICATION PRAYER”


Rev. Johnny H. Eskridge | St. Paul Baptist Church @ Shively Heights | Louisville, Kentucky

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