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Moderator Crayton Announces OroWa Financial's Official Launch!

Updated: May 3, 2021

The General Association of Baptist In Kentucky

1715 West Chestnut Street Louisville, Kentucky 40203 From the Desk of The Moderator, Dr. Bernard Crayton

To The Esteemed Pastors, Dedicated Auxiliary Leaders, and Faithful Members of GABKY:

I greet you all in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with Jesus Joy.

I write to share one of the most important and consequential announcements of my tenure as Moderator of this Great Association. I write to announce the creation of OroWa Financial through a unique and never-before-seen collaboration between the General Association of Baptist In Kentucky and Park Community Credit Union.

Our Opportunity, Our Wealth

OroWa Financial offers opportunities for our churches, pastors, members, our neighbors,

and the communities where we live, work, worship, and serve. Brothers and Sisters, we now have real financial clout that can intelligently help families and our churches thrive. Every resource and tool available through Park Community Credit Union is available to you through OroWa Financial.

Home loans that serve every segment of our community, car loans, lines of credit, commercial loans, microbusiness loans in addition to checking, savings, money market accounts built for every member of the families we serve.

What makes this partnership so powerful is the opportunity OroWa Financial creates to generate financial strength for the Association, which will help grow all of its ministries and work across Kentucky. Soon we will share our plans as an association to help strengthen our churches, empower pastors, build families, and empower our youth and children for success in this new world.

Already A Massive Success!

In the short term, this is what you need to know: OroWa Financial is open for business right now! Your OroWa Financial is already strong with $10,000,000 in credit line accounts open and over $500,000.00 in cash deposits. This is REAL!

You can walk into any Park Community branch and open accounts, apply for credit, and take advantage of every financial tool available in the name of OroWa Financial.

Our official kickoff begins Monday, February 22, and runs through February 26, 2021. We aim to launch 1,000 relationships with deposits, car loans, home loans, and more this week.

If the Lord allows, we will convene for the General Association Annual Session in August 2021. During our annual meeting, we will invest time, energy, and space to help The GA Family take full advantage of everything OroWa Financial has to offer. Please, stay tuned for more information. Let’s grow OroWa together.

Here is What You Can Do This Week!

Go to your local Park Community Credit Union and open an OroWa Financial checking, savings, money market, or credit account.

Why Open An Account at OroWa?

For the next 24 months, every account opened in OroWa generates revenue that will power The General Association’s Expanded Work Across The Commonwealth Outlined in The Attached “Planned General Association Benefits From OroWa.

When we achieve benchmarks in growing OroWa after 24 months, OroWa Financial becomes The GA’s own Credit Union. Our partnership with Park does not end at that point; it transforms into a joint venture.

Finally, Our Wealth Working For Us!

OroWa Financial: Powering Home Ownership, Business Growth, Wealth Creation, and Financial Freedom!

May God Grant Us All Success As We Glorify Him!

Rev. Dr. Bernard Crayton, Moderator General Association of Baptist In Kentucky

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