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Jesus Did…so that I Could

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

by Sybil Bettis Mack

Jesus did everything that was proclaimed for his coming into the world, so that I could rejoice in His greatness, sing His praises, worship His holy name, and have Hope for tomorrow.

Jesus did transform water into wine at a wedding saving the discomfiture for His mother and guests yet revealing His glory as his disciples believed in Him, so that I could elevate my empathetic mind to see His divine power and know that in dark situations with patience good things are on the way.

Jesus did open the ears of the deaf and healed the lepers and the blind, so that I could learn that he is the Divine Physician of life and that believers need to renounce sin and have faith as He came to give mankind eternal life.

Jesus did look up to Heaven and gave thanks and fed the multitudes with a few small fish and seven loaves, so that I could know how to show compassion to the needy and provide them with the nourishment of God.

Jesus did astonish the disciples by walking on water then entered their boat, silencing the winds, so that I could have awareness of Jesus at work in my life and grow my faith in him when trouble comes because He will get me where I need to be.

Jesus did raise his good friend Lazarus from the dead, so that I could discern the pivotal miracle which ultimately started the chain of events that led to His crucifixion which revealed the Glory of God.

Jesus did die on the cross and shed the blood that served as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, so that I could know it is by grace that I have been saved and belief in Him and not myself is the gift of God, not by works.

Jesus did rise from the tomb on that third day with all power of Heaven and earth in his hands, so that I could tell everyone that He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

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