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IMAGINE: A Revitalized State Mission Board

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Revitalizing the State Mission Board through direct support from member churches and the

benefits generated through Oro Wa Financial to the Association is a priority of the Leadership team. A Revitalized State Mission Board could begin by establishing the Church & Community Empowerment Team to act as consultants to churches across the state at minimal or no cost to a financially supporting Church or churches in an area:

The CCE Team will provide in-person and virtual training for churches in a variety of areas:

Church Ministry Development, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Singles Ministry , Marriage Ministry, Church Ministry Leaders Training. Deacon & Trustees Training & Support, Dynamic Christian Education and Discipleship Ministry, Create a New Pastor’s Support Ministry to assist Pastors in years 1-5 of a new pastor,

The GA would create the General Association Ministry Mentor Advisors (GAMMA). GAMMA comprised of – Experienced Professionals In Ministry Development, Housing, Business and Non-profit Development, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Law and Relevant Legal Matters, Branding, Marketing, Online Presence, and other critical areas who can advise at minimal or no cost to GA churches.

GAMMA will directly support pastors & church leaders or church leadership teams who are currently without pastors. Create a Future Planning and Retirement Advisory Ministry as an educational resource for Pastors and other paid Ministry staff to prepare for life after ministry. Create an emergency support fund for Churches and pastors experiencing extraordinary circumstances that impact the stability of the church or pastor.

Conduct four (4) Church & Ministry Empowerment institutes offering full-day education, networking, and information each year. One in each region of the state that is free to the Financially supporting churches in the area. An lastly A Revitalized State Mission Board would create a community and civic engagement team to advocate for and educate churches, families and connect the association to community-based organizations, local, county, and state agencies, and political leaders.

We invite your comments below to help guide the vision of a Revitalized State Mission Board!

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