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God Sees What You’re Going Through

Proverbs15:3, Luke 13:11

Rev. Ronald Burns

Everyone knows the value of good advice. Listening to those are wiser than we are gives us the benefit of their hard won experience. Growing up, getting along with others, and holding a job all would be impossible without guidance from people who’s been there before. Human nature has not changed since Solomon’s time and neither has God. Only the landscape and people around us has changed. Solomon, being the wisest man in the world leaves us with a word of wisdom and comfort, by assuring us that God is with you, not just some time, but all the time.

Have you ever been around people that made you feel invisible, as if they don’t see you?

A hooded young man walking on a railroad rail.
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Perhaps you don’t have an executive position in the workplace or a reputation of notoriety in the circles you move in. Your financial situation dictates the clothes you can afford and you are not wearing what’s hip and happening in the world of fashion. These things makes us feel invisible.

Have you ever been in a place where someone walks in and speaks to everyone but you, as if they didn’t see you? It’s a bad feeling to be somewhere and no one notices your presence. It hurts to be ignored and looked over. However, I have good news for you; God sees you. You have to understand that some people are spiritually blind. They see what they want to see and nothing else.

Oh, how you wish you could tell people what you’re going through, but you’re afraid that what you tell them will have your name on gossip highway traveling everywhere. People that you don’t even know will know all of your business. Be careful of who you confide in. Not everyone you talk to is trustworthy.

Life is filled with twist and turns. One day everything is fine and the next day everything can be turned upside down. Just to look at you, people would think everything is going well in your life, but if they really knew you, they would see how chaotic your life really is. No one understands your pain, even if you told them. No one knows the turmoil that you have just to make it day by day. They only see what you present to them, but I’m here to tell you, God sees what you’re going through.

It’s hard for us to understand or even entertain the thought of God having eyes everywhere on everybody at the same time. All I know is, God is OmnipresentHe’s everywhere at the same time. He’s Omniscient-He’s all knowing. He’s been where He’s going and going where He’s been. I can’t explain it. All I know and can tell you, He’s God! He sees everything that’s going on, in everybody’s life. He knows the struggles that you’re going through. He knows the problems you’re having at home. He knows the mistakes that you’ve made. He knows that people are setting traps for you.

Whatever it is you’re going through, I want you to know that God sees what you’re going through and He sees you. Don’t ever think for a moment that God doesn’t know what you’re going through. He knows! You may be thinking you are alone and no one cares. God sees what you’re going through.

Solomon lets us know that God is watching the evil as well as the good. In other words, whatever pain that you’re going through, He’s watching your every move. You remember the story of a woman who was in worship service every Sunday all bent and bowed down. She had a condition which kept her from standing up straight. But one particular day she went to the Lord’s house and Jesus saw her, but not in the sense that He noticed her condition, He noticed her need. He said to her, “Woman thou art loosed” and she stood straight up and walked out healed. There may be someone reading this who’s got a condition that only God sees, your healing is in the house today.

  • If you’re angry God sees it.

  • If you’re hurt, God sees it.

  • If your heart has been troubled God sees it.

  • If you can’t sleep at night, God sees it.

  • If your enemy has you cornered, God sees it.

  • If you’re wiping tears from your eyes, God sees it.

God’s eyes are everywhere. This should put a chill in those who do evil and comfort those who are obedient to Him. It seems like evil people prosper and have it all, but remember their day will come. You may not live to see it but it’s coming. You may never get the recognition for all the good you do in this world. It seems like people see the good that others do, but never say anything about the good that you do. It hurts and makes you feel invisible, but remember, nothing you do goes un-noticed by God. Just keep on keeping on.

  • You may feel as if no one cares, keep on keeping on.

  • You may feel as if you’re doing all of this for nothing, keep on keeping on.

  • You may feel trapped in your present situation and can’t stand up, keep on keeping on.

  • Your name may be dragged in the mud, keep on keeping on.

  • Your family and friends may leave you for dead, keep on, keeping on.

  • Stand up, and be a witness for the Lord!

  • Stand up, and let the world see who you really are!

  • Stand up and tell them about His goodness and His mercy

  • Stand up, and let the world what God has done for you!

  • Tell them how He was crucified on Calvary, and died for you and me.

  • Tell them He was put in a borrowed tomb. Tell them that He got up, I said He got up, He got up with all power in His hands!

Tell them, God Sees What You’re Going Through!

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