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Behave like Jesus

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Rev. Dr. Bishop E. Carter III Romans 12:1-3; Acts 1:8

Our lives in this world require of us to function by two words: Behave and Move . Both are action words. One is the action of your person and attitude, the other is that which you in your body act physically. Both are necessary and must be performed in the walk called life . But Christians are called to go further. Christians are called not just to speak or live, but to live for Christ. Believers are to dedicate themselves to God. The only way to God from the theological perspective, that is the Bible, is through Jesus the Christ. We are called to be humble, and faithful and to use the gift of salvation that comes with spiritual tools/gifts to function in stations that are in this world that are no friend to grace. Those stations are our families, our streets and communities, our churches, our educational institutions, our cities, and our countries. This world is not our friend; this world is full of evil and distractions from God's will by Satan, the ruler of all evil and darkness.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

The apostle Paul writes here with commitment and conviction, from this point in this book to the church at Rome, and to the end of this gospel, asking to prove that the Gospel is “in you than he that is in the world.” In fact, the scripture says " Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world." Paul states that in order to prove that Christ is in you, you should show it not just from speaking it, but also walking it. Paul writes with a flavor that exemplifies the Christian foundation to present your body as a living sacrifice. If Christ is in your heart, you will move with Godly behavior. What we have witnessed lately in our world has not been Godly behavior. Those who should be targeting this Pandemic have not shown Godly behavior. Those fighting against Black Lives Matter have not shown Godly behavior.

President Donald Trump and his followers’ denial of the election of former Vice President Joe Biden to become the next president of the United States have created a toxic political arena. They have not shown Godly behavior. Let me explain in my weak way, three ingredients that are necessary for Godly behavior.

First, it will serve God thru Jesus the Christ

Second, it will suffer for Christ by enduring the ways of the world

And three, It will make a sacrifice that is holy and acceptable before God.

The recent issues that have been a problem for Donald Trump to get right are:

1.Pandemic and all related issues causing millions to suffer;

2. The outcome of the election;

3. Black Lives Matter. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The reason is because his behavior is not moved by Christ. Christ is not in his heart. You got to know Jesus for yourself. To show forth this correct behavior, it must go deeper than just your speech, it must be in your mind. In order to act probably, you must be ye transformer by the renewing of your mind!"

This transformation can only happen because God has given us power to go forth.

1. The power is not thru the division, deceitfulness, racism, or bigotry;

2. The power is not through the toxic political campaign;

3. This power needed is not through White Supremacy;

4. This power comes only through the Holy Spirit

By the three person of the God head, the Trinity, Christ left us the Comforter to give us: Power till the day He returns. The Rapture, to go forth as pure gold;

Power to do the job as witnesses for Jesus;

Power to face the opposition, the hills that are hard to climb;

Power to go forth - to finish the mission, to tell the world about the love of Jesus, save souls, and condemn life according to the world.

God can give you power to control your behavior. This is a powerful appeal, but we have the power to fulfill this appeal that God asks of each of us.

How do I know? Thank you for asking, I'm dying to tell you! There was a move by God to send his only begotten son, name Jesus, Whose Behavior was nothing like the world has ever seen.

His behavior was because of the begotten son,

His behavior was one of selfless giving rather than selfishness of the world,

His behavior was to represent light known love rather than the darkness of sin that is represented by the world,

His behavior was that of redemption rather than that of rejection,

Because of The Lord’s Behavior we have been redeemed,

Because of His behavior we are loved,

Because of His behavior we have received our salvation,

That’s why I love to tell the old old story about His behavior...

For the Begotten Son came down through 42 generations,

Born of a virgin named Mary,

Wrapped in swaddling clothes,

Fed the Hungry...

Gave sight to the blind,

All the way to a hill called Golgotha,

They nailed Him to a cross, dropped Him Low, stretched Him wide, hung Him high,

Where He said one of the seven last words,

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do,

He died, was buried in a borrowed tomb,

But early on that third and appointed morning, He rosed with all power in heaven and earth in His hands, power of saving grace extended to all who believe that He is the Messiah, Jesus our Lord,

Jesus your Lord, Jesus who is Lord,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Jesus is Lord!!!!!

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