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A Woman Who’s Looking for Help

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

(Matthew 15:21-28)

Rev. Ronald Burns

The role of a mother never stops. In some homes the husband works all day, comes home and play with the children for a few moments. When he’s done playing with the children, she makes sure that home work is done, children are bathed and put to bed. Before she lays down for the night, she makes sure her husband, and children are provided for.

The role of a mother never stops. Being a mother is important for a woman. It illustrates the influence a mother plays for her children, which society looks over. A mother nurtures her children, a mother is there in the midnight hour when that child is crying or just needs to be held.

She’s there when they’re sick or needs someone to talk to. She’s there to teach them, to

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shape them, and to mold them. She’s always there with a word of encouragement, and pushes them in the right direction. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s amazing the things they accomplish, and the many hats they wear and how they make it look so easy.

If you think for one moment that being a mother is easy, you better think again! Today’s children are different from yesterday’s children. Let me remind you that all children aren’t the same. Yesterday’s children understood the word no. When momma said no, that was it. Some children are looking for attention, but for the wrong reason. They want to be seen, try to act grown, and meddle in grown folk’s business.

I’m here to tell you all the attention these children need is a good spanking. And believe me I’ve gotten my share of spankings. But there are some children, no matter how many times you spank them, they have a demon only God can remove. In our scriptural text, we have a heathen woman according to the people of Israel, but she had a problem that was overwhelming but she refused to let her child die.

There are three points I want to share with you about this woman. The first point is, she sought help. This mother knew that if she did not get help, Satan was going to take her child. When a mother sees her child needs help, she will stop at nothing to get the help her child needs. I do not know how she found out about Jesus. Maybe somebody told her Jesus was a deliverer. Maybe she found out from the mother whose son Jesus brought back to life. However, she found out, she believed that Jesus would help her.

She cries out, “Jesus have mercy on me!” You may be wondering why she said have mercy on me instead of her daughter. Because there’s something about a mother. She hurts when her child hurts and will not be satisfied until her child is better. In verse 23, we learn that Jesus did not answer. Can you believe it? Jesus, the Alpha and Omega; Jesus, the Lily of the Valley did not say a word to her. Even though Jesus did not say a word, she was determined to get the help her child needed. This leads to my second point; she did not give up. A lot of times people give up too easily and throw in the towel because they have been turned down. Do not let someone’s silence stop you. Do not let someone’s no turn you away. Just keep on pushing.

The disciples were trying to get rid of her, but this woman was not cooperating. The disciples were, like some of us, arrogant. This woman was not paying any attention to the disciples, she was looking for Jesus’ help. Some time we can get in the way of somebody looking for help because we do not know their circumstances. But what surprises me is in verse 24. Jesus told the woman that He was here to help the lost sheep of Israel.

In other words, leave me alone, let me do my job. But this mother was persistent in her pursuit of help for her daughter. Sad to say, but true, some mothers could care less about what’s going on with their children. Some mothers could care less if their children go hungry. Some mothers could care less if their children come home at night. Some mothers could care less if their children are on drugs. Some mothers could care less if their children come to worship service. They just do not care about their children! When you love your child as much as this woman loved her child, you will not let anyone keep you from getting the help that you need for your child. After all that was said to her, this woman did not let what was said or done to her stop her.

Last, but certainly not the least, she worshipped him. Matthew records that this woman did not argue. She did not fuss. She just kept on until she got to Jesus. Arguing and fussing will get you nowhere. When you cannot do anything, start praising God in the midst of your troubles. I can hear someone saying “When praises go up, Blessings will come down.” I am here to tell you something will happen when you praise God. And when Jesus sees the faith in this woman, her daughter was healed from that very moment. Saints, some mothers will go through hell and high water to take care of their children. Some mothers will go without so their children can have. Some mothers will love their children when no one else will. A mother will give her life for her children.

The purpose of this sermon is to encourage every woman, whenever you need Him, He will be right there. He will be right there to help you feed your children. He will be there to help you raise your children. He will be there when you feel all alone. He will be right there to guide you through the storm. I am a living example.

I am so glad that Jesus did not give up on me.

I am glad that he looked beyond my faults and supplied all my needs.

I am glad for what he did for me on Calvary.

I am glad that he was wounded for my transgression and bruised for my iniquities.

I am glad that he died for me on Calvary.

He died till mercy suited my case.

He died till justice was satisfied.

But early, before getting up got up.

Before goodnight went to bed.

Before time knew what was going on.

He got up!

He got up!

He got up, with all power in his hands.

Isn’t he worthy, I, said isn’t he worthy; isn’t he worthy to be praised!

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