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Updated: May 3, 2021

May 9, 2021

ISAIAH 29:13-24


Isaiah whose name means "Yahweh is the source", was one of the greatest prophets of his time. He was called to bring the nation to repentance, saving it from destruction. For sixty years he ministered and prophesied during the reign of five kings. He would plead with the people to turn from their wicked ways back to a loving God who would restore and forgive them.

Isaiah envisioned the deliverance of Jerusalem from their enemies. Judah had experienced financial and military power yet, they had disregarded God's commands, they were arrogant. Instead of looking to God for safety, they turned to other nations. In this chapter, the prophet predicts how God will deal with the disobedience of Jerusalem. The city would be under siege nonetheless, after punishment, the prophet shifts to after punishment as well as dealing with enemies.

1 FAR FROM CENTER (Isaiah 29: 13-16)

2 A RETURN TO CENTER (vv. 17-21)

It is here that the message shifts to hope for the future. Through the prophet, God would restore Judah. If the people would repent they would be restored, They will be fruitful , the deaf would hear and understand the word , the blind will see with ability to read. If they humble themselves they would be filled with joy, the poor would rejoice. The corrupt, evil and those who deceive would be killed and banished. The people would be brought back to the place of trusting in the Lord.

3 RETURN TO COVENANT (vv. 22-24)

God reaffirms his message. God reminds the people through the prophet, of Abraham . He assures they will no longer live in shame and spiritual poverty. God would continue to fulfill his promise to Abraham , the promise that his seed would be great in the land.


For a year, the world has been under the attack of a deadly virus, Way too many have succumbed to its destructive means and ways as it has envaded the human body. The economy has suffered, schools have shut it's doors, religious institutions have stalled, life as we have known it to be was anything close to what we have always known it to be. It's been a strange delima, that perhaps only heaven can explain. If I may suggest, there comes a time when we reap what we sow. A time when the payment for sin, comes due. "The wages of sin is death", it's biblical. Judah had sowed bad seeds by disregarding the word of God, in disobeying God's word, sorrow is predictable

Regardless of our bad decision, God is forgiving.

As the prophet predicted bad news he also predicted good news, he predicted hope for the future.

Rev, Johnny H. Eskridge

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