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Fear- What Are You Truly Afraid Of?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Dr. Ashley Anderson

Over the last month, I’ve completed several devotional readings on the concept of fear. Each of them reminded me of how many times God tells us in the Bible not to be afraid. “Fear not” is in the Bible 365 times; that’s one time for every day of the year, yet we still find ourselves afraid and making decisions out of fear. Why? If we truly believe that God is omnipresent and omnipotent; if we believe that His will for our lives is best for our lives; why, then, are we afraid?

I don’t believe that we don’t think God can work things out in our favor. I don’t believe that we don’t trust God to place us on the right path. We are afraid that God’s path is different from the path we hoped for or have taken it upon ourselves to start walking on. We want God to pick us up, turn us around, and place our feet on solid ground...but we want to select the ground we’re placed on. We want to maintain a level of control just in case what we desire so deeply isn’t in God's plan for us. Because...what if God said this isn’t the career, marriage, home land, or ministry I’ve called you to? What if, while you’ve got your head down working to fix it and make it work, God simply says “No.” What happens then? What happens if God's plan is not YOUR plan?

It’s been proven time and time again in my life that no matter what my heart desires, God knows best. It is often in those seasons of waiting that God speaks to me the loudest on this topic and shows me my unconscious desire for control of my own life.

Below are 3 actions to take when you find yourself facing fears and “what if’s” :


When we find ourselves afraid, it’s often because we don’t want to relinquish control over a situation we probably don’t have control over anyway. In that moment when your heart starts pumping and you aren’t sure what’s going to happen next, recite these words, “Lord, I trust you.” Let him have it. Let him fight the battle. The sooner you do this, the better you’ll feel.

2.Be Still

I’ve heard many times that any decision made out of fear is the wrong one. If we are choosing not to do something hard because of what if’s, we are choosing to settle beneath the talent and resources God has provided to us. Instead of bowing out or jumping in too quickly, be still and ask God to order your steps. Don’t move in haste.

3.Adjust Your Mindset

Your mind can make or break you. Regardless of the outcome of any situation, no matter how hard things seem and how unfair things are in this world, God is still good. Instead of allowing our mind to be filled with doubt, self-pity, cynicism, and worry, let’s remind ourselves that God is constantly shifting the universe in our favor. Even when we don’t understand His moves, we can trust that it’ll work out to our benefit.

I suggest to you that we must accept that God’s will may not be what we want at that moment, but it’s always what we need. We must continue to grow and mature in our faith walk until we trust him completely and trust his plan above ours.

Fear of failure causes you to never try. Fear of criticism causes you to silence your voice. Fear of loss causes you not to enjoy the gifts you’ve been blessed with. Fear of betrayal causes you to never experience the beauty of trusting another person. Fear of uncertainty causes you to never take a risk. Fear of change causes you never to grow or evolve. Fear of vulnerability causes you to live superficially, without any depth or real connection. Fear is an emotion. One of the strongest, oldest, and most hardwired manipulators of the mind. Choose to live in fear, or choose peace. You cannot have both!

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