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The American Baptist Newspaper offers four separate types of advertising.  See Below For Details

  • Pastor /Ministry/Job Search Position Listings

  • Where To Worship Church Listings

  • Graphic Display Advertising

  • Link Pop-up advertising

Types of Advertising On

Pastor/Ministry/Job Search Listing

A church, ministry or employer may post an employment search listing on the American Baptist News KY website. The advertisement may be purchased for:

  1. 30 Days $50.00
  2. 31-60 Days $75.00
  3. 61- 90 Days $100.00
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Where To Worship Listing

A Church affiliated with the General Association of Baptist In Kentucky may place a "Where To Worship" listing on the website. The Where To Worship lisiting is a twelve (12) month lisiting and is renewable annually. The Annual WTW listing is $200.00 per year.
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Graphic Display Advertising

Graphic Display Advertisements are available in Four (4) dimensions on the desktop version of the website.

(Note: The ads will be measured in PIXELS (px), a standard form of measurement used in digital and graphic formats) View an Example of How The Ad May Appear On A Webpage.

The Leaderboard - 728px x 90px

Large Rectangle - 336px x 280px

Medium Banner - 300px x 250px

Half Page Banner - 300px x 600px

Advertising fees are payable in monthly increments and at discounted rates for pre-paid multi-month ad placements.

Advertisers are solely responsible for the design of your advertisement, which includes but is not limited to the text and the graphics used in creating the advertisement.

Advertisement Design Services Are Available For An Additional Fee.

Your advertisement is subject to the design parameters and advertising policies set forth by

Linked Pop-up Adverstising

Linked Popup Advertising is being developed and will be available soon on
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